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Tillansia Stand 1

steve wallet architect tillandsia air plant stand 1 digital model 9-9-2013Another quick project

A stand for some tillandsias. Tillandsias are air plants – they don’t need soil and can be set into just about any gap, branch or space. They also like air movement. This stand was made out of wood slats to provide lots of gaps to set them in and to allow the air to move through, and to use up more of my never-ending scrap pile.

steve wallet architect tillandsia air plant stand 1 construction 9-9-2013I use digital modeling to lay out most of my carpentry projects. It’s very fast and a great tool to communicate with my client (in this case Lisa). Pictures of the model, the construction, placement on the potting shed sink/table and finally with the requisite plants and accessories.

steve wallet architect tillandsia air plant stand 1 9-9-2013steve wallet architect tillandsia air plant stand 1 complete 9-9-2013

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Happy Anniversary, again!

scrap anniversary bird house front steve wallet architect 7-31-2013scrap anniversary bird house detail steve wallet architect 7-31-2013 Two bluebirds of happiness and a tuxedo cat…

Along with my anniversary panic card, I followed our anniversary tradition of making a scrap bird house.

Somewhere in the jumbled attic that is my memory I dragged out the old song title “The Bluebird of Happiness”. So Lisa and I are there, happy blue birds giving each other loving looks. And where there are birds, there is Our Cat, casting a curious gaze. I know the combination of birds and a cat can bring troubling images for some, but scrap anniversary bird house in garden steve wallet architect 7-31-2013it all works for us.

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Happy Father’s Day Fisherman

scrap fisherman frotnt steve wallet architect 6-9-2013For my favorite angler

A wood scrap sculpture I made for my Dad for Father’s Day this year – he loves to fish. Although he is a great talker and story-teller, he rarely exaggerates in the traditional fish story fashion. And yes, he swears his last fish really scrap fisherman side steve wallet architect 6-9-2013 was this big.

Many thanks to all the men who make us better people.

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