Happy Hanukkah!!!!!!

steve wallet architect 2014 hanukkah latke recipe cartoon detailCartoons for the holiday


steve wallet architect 2014 hanukkah latke recipe cartoonThis year I combined a recipe with cartoons. As you read the steps of my father’s recipe for latkes, the traditional fried potato pancakes eaten at Hanukkah, the cartoons tell a story. Like all holidays, this story involves food and family.steve wallet architect 2014 hanukkah wallpaper

And my string of wallpaper designs continues with a Hanukkah pattern. It is made from the pieces that make up Hanukkah – food, games and love.

“Ah lichtige Hanukkah”, a bright and wonderful Hanukkah to all!

Try your hand at some latkes if you’ve never had them, they’re great!

A Hanukkah guide
see my earlier Hanukkah cartoon for the story of the holiday

menorah-The candle holder for the lights of Hanukkah. An additional candle is added each night until you have 8 on the last night.

dreidel-a traditional Hannukah game played with a spinning top

gelt-foil wrapped chocolate coins eaten at Hanukkah

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

happy thanksgiving dad 2014-11-24A Thanksgiving card for my Dad.

I had so much fun making my Halloween wallpaper that I made this Thanksgiving wallpaper. It’s decorated with some of the things I’m thankful for, including the food we enjoy at our vegetarian Thanksgiving meal.

steve wallet architect 2014 thanksgiving wallpaper

steve wallet architect thanksgiving 2014 thankful for detail

steve wallet architect thanksgiving 2014 pepperBelow are some of the individual sketches that went into making the wallpaper.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my United States readers!

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Trains, history and small towns

steve wallet architect train station gateway watercolor 2014-11-16
steve wallet architect train station gateway dusk 2014-11-16Many small Midwestern towns have historic but derelict train stations on long unused rail lines. The station and tracks tend to be poorly located in the towns because the commercial centers have moved since the stations were originally built. Today, if they exist at all, the old depots are disconnected urban fragments.

steve wallet architect train station bike trail farmers market day 2014-11-16
This proposal, conceived of and designed by James B Guthrie, AIA of the Miletus Group, illustrates how they can be transformed to become assets that weave a town back together.

steve wallet architect train station gateway bird's eye 2014-11-16
In this design, the historic train station is relocated, placed alongside a second set of abandoned tracks in a central location next to Main Street. The restored depot becomes a gateway to the town and the central business district. The station houses retail shops, a cafe and a railroad and history museum. Restored rolling stock is placed on the tracks next to the station as part of the new train museum. The old rail lines and railroad right-of-way become a linear park, pedestrian and bike trail that connects to similar trails in the region. The station serves as a trail head.

steve wallet architect train station down tracks night 2014-11-16
I made these renderings with James to illustrate the possibilities of this concept:

.connecting currently fragmented parts of the town
.connecting the town to its history
.creating a gateway to the town
.creating a center for community activity with the permanent shops and museum as well as events such as farmers’ markets and performances.steve wallet architect train station cafe day 2014-11-16

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Time Change ‘Toons

time change cartoon steve wallet architect 11-2014Just for fun, and to prove to myself that I can make a cartoon about ANYTHING, I made these cartoons about us changing our clocks yesterday. This is something we do twice a year, ahead an hour in spring when we go on Daylight Savings Time, and back an hour in the fall when we go back to regular time. No one seems to know why we do this.

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Happy Halloween!!!!

halloween card cat gardener steve wallet architect 2014steve wallet architect halloween wallpaper 2014It’s my annual Halloween cartoon extravaganza!


In our feature cartoon Lisa tries on various costumes before hitting on the perfect one.

Bromeliads , mentioned in the first cartoon panel, are one of Lisa’s favorite plants.

steve wallet architect halloween cat trick or treat 2014In the background is my first attempt at wallpaper – a detail is below the cartoon. It is appropriately Halloween themed, an endlessly repeating pattern of Halloween doodles.

In the second cartoon Our Cat, who is not quite clear on the concept of Halloween, tries his hand at trick-or-treating – with mixed results.

Happy Halloween to all!

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