Happy Anniversary or…..32 Big Ones!!!!

steve wallet architect 32nd anniversary mini comic front 2014-7-15In between the silver anniversary (25 years) and the gold (50 years) comes the mini-comic anniversary at 32 years.steve wallet architect 32nd anniversary mini comic layout 2014-7-15

And in between photos of the assembled mini are its pages laid flat. Reading left to right then top to botttom are:

.the cover at the upper left,
.the two page center spread in between the interior pages at the upper right
.the back cover at the lower right with Our Cat chewing on my copyright

steve wallet architect 32nd anniversary mini comic inside 2014-7-15I also made a cartoon card, showing us stacking up all the wonderful years, while Our Cat tries to keep it all from falling over.steve wallet architect 32nd anniversary card 2014-7-15

Happy Anniversary Lisa!!!!

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From South Los Angeles to West Hollywood: James Garrott, Rudolph Schindler and the Bethlehem Baptist Church

steve wallet architect Bethlehem Baptist Church  2015-5-18How did Schindler get hired to design the Bethlehem Baptist Church? The Afro-American Baptist congregation from South Los Angeles was not a part of his usual crowd of political activists, artists and bohemians. Schindler was not widely known and had never built a church. In 1944, in racially separated Los Angeles, it is puzzling.

In my recent research I have come across information that points to a link between Schindler and the Bethlehem Baptist congregation. In the Architecture and Design Collection at UCSB there are drawings of an earlier design for the church. They were prepared by another architect, James Garrott. Garrott’s drawings are dated May 22, 1944. Three months later, on August 31, 1944, Schindler and the church officials signed a contract for a new design. What happened in between? Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!!!!

steve wallet architect happy father's day cartoon 2014-6-8A card and a tchotchke (a little thing)

I made my father a cartoon card to wish him a happy Father’s Day, and remind him how much we love him.

steve wallet architect father's day 2014 box lidsteve wallet architect father's day 2014 envelopeLisa found a great little paper weight for my filing-impaired dad (a trait that I definitely inherited). I drew some cartoons on the gift box and the shipping envelope.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!!!


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